Our Founder

From early on, Jaafar El-Hassan always showed a unique interest towards the automotive industry. Beginning his professional career as a Handover Specialist, where his deep knowledge of vehicle specifications and a keen eye for detail was called upon for ensuring vehicles were prepped to the highest standards.

After learning all there was as a Handover Specialist, the next step in Jaafar’s career was successfully progressing to a Sales Executive role at the BMW Flagship retailer in London. This environment provided the opportunity to work with new and existing international clients, and it was here he developed a passion for seeing what cannot be seen, and more importantly, understanding the demands of a client on a personal level.

Finding the ideal new or approved used vehicle was just a means to hone these skills. His shared love for luxury cars, a reverence for honesty and integrity combined with his knowledge and network curated through his experience, Jaafar established himself in the industry. 

Providing the finest luxury car sourcing services was Jaafar’s intent from the start and it was here the founding of JSCB began.

Our Mission

“Through Our Transparent Atmosphere, Expert Knowledge, and Individualised Customer Care, We Create the Luxury Car Shopping Experience That Our Clients Truly Deserve. “

Our Vision

“To Bring Ease and Joy to the Car Buying or Selling Journey”

Our Message

“Luxury isn’t about the things you own, It’s about the things that reflect your personality, something that shows the choices you’ve made in life.”


A Personal Message From Jaafar:

“With my primary focus on providing you with the best service, all requests as well as initial consultation will be privy to my deliberation in order to better your requirements”.


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