We operate worldwide. Our client base spreads far and wide both national and international. We can cater for your needs wherever you are based as location should not be a barrier for delivering impeccable world class service and meeting client demands is at the forefront of what we do best.

Without a doubt, that is what we do best day in, day out. Our dedicated car sourcing agents are on demand to assist you with your car buying or car selling needs. Let us know your requirements and we’ll handle the rest.

We understand that security is of utmost importance, especially in today’s day and age, we ensure that privacy is taken seriously, providing you with the absolute comfort and peace of mind when buying or selling a car, please get in touch to begin your journey with us today.

Yes indeed, we provide an inhouse service accommodating both your car buying and car selling needs. Which means, we prepare your current car for sale, working closely with our established buyer network that we have successfully curated through countless transactions and dealings. We also handle your car sourcing needs in an orderly manner ensuring an all-round car buying and selling package is provided. Seamless and smooth all whilst we save you time, money and hassle when you choose us.

Yes, we have successfully worked with many international clients looking for a luxury car broker to help with their car sourcing or selling needs. If you are after a professional performance car specialist in the UK, we are here to act as a personal car buying expert. Our dedicated car sourcing agents have extensive experience with assisting clients both in the UK and internationally. For example, if you are planning a move to the UK soon and require a professional to manage the car buying process for you before you arrive, then you are in the right place, as we have assisted many of our clients in the past with making their move as swift and hassle-free when it comes to purchasing a car. It’s one less thing to worry about when you let us handle it all for you!

A VAT qualifying car is a vehicle that has previously been owned by a vat- registered business, purchased for solely commercial use. An individual or company that is VAT registered, looking to buy the car for business use or for export outside of the EU, can reclaim 20% VAT from the purchase price. We are more than happy to assist you with the sourcing of a VAT qualifying car for your business or for exporting outside of the UK.

Many of our clients that decide to use our car selling service, have outstanding finance on their car. Therefore, it is not something new for us and our buyers. Our respected buyers clear any outstanding finance before transferring you the remaining balance due. The whole process is completed in a timely and straightforward manner.

We believe in providing exceptional services for all market segments so long they meet our high standards. With used cars, we tend to deal with cars that are up to 6 years of age and a mileage of up to 70,000 with full-service history and a great overall condition. The cars we are involved in for all clients will be the very best value, combined with unmatchable service levels.

Our services are bespoke and tailored to each individual client. Our personalized approach allows us to better understand your needs and requirements rather than a traditional one size fits all approach for the masses. We are proud to have our dedicated sourcing agents available at your service throughout the entire process from initial enquiry through to handover. However, it does not end there, our aftercare is one that gives you a peace of mind, as you will have a personal assistant per say for anything car related that you can contact for any queries or support. As for our car selling service, we work different to many of the online valuation sites used to value your pride and joy. The valuation you get for your car online, are based on similar cars available for sale without taking into consideration the individual options, condition, demand and service history. Our intimate knowledge of your individual car and the market makes our approach more suited to the luxury, prestige and performance car sector, where every car is given special treatment and recognised just like their owners to get the best value its truly worth.

Our car sourcing agents’ source new and used vehicles. If you are interested in spec’ing a brand-new car, we can go through the configuration and optional extras you would like to add together for us to place your order. If however you are in the market for a used car, our leading car finder service helps you locate the most suitable car that fits your criteria set to us.

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