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Our aim is to provide you an all-round package for both your vehicle sourcing and financing needs. We are teamed up with a network of credible finance brokers who are regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Our finance brokers whom we work with very closely, have an excellent relationship with a panel of specialist lenders, thereby offering the best bespoke finance package for you on the car you are after.

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    How do we earn our commission?

    At Jaafar Specialist Car Broker, we are neither a credit broker nor a lender. We work with a few carefully selected finance brokers who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. They in turn work with selected funders who may be able to offer you funding, subject to status. Whichever finance broker we introduce you to, we will typically receive a commission for arranging your finance from them. This may vary depending on the size of the loan and the lender they arrange your finance with.

    Options Available to Finance Your Car

    1. Hire Purchase (HP)

    Hire purchase is a popular and straightforward option that involves you placing a deposit of your choice and the length of the agreement. The monthly payments are fixed for the duration of your agreement, therefore giving you great flexibility in spreading the cost of your purchase over a
    fixed term.

    2. Lease Purchase

    Lease Purchase is similar to Hire Purchase. But you can defer an agreed amount of what you are borrowing until the end of the agreement, that is, the balloon payment. A great benefit of a Lease purchase is that the monthly payments may be slightly cheaper because interest rates are often lower, whereas, with a personal contract purchase (PCP), lenders take into consideration the vehicles expected deprecation at the time of hand back. An option to pay off the balance and keep the car or part exchange it for a new car is given at the end of the agreement.

    3. Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

    Personal Contract Purchase allows you to spread the payments for a vehicle across a long period of time, usually three or four years. The way it works is, a deposit is paid on the vehicle you are after, and monthly repayments are made up until the end of the term. Typically, the monthly repayments are slightly less than a hire purchase. At the end of the agreement, you have a choice to pay the balloon payment in full in order to own the vehicle outright or part exchange against a new vehicle with a new plan in place.

    No matter your financing option, we will always work closely with our finance brokers to find you the perfect solution that is suitable for you.

    Found a car that you like yourself and
    want the best car finance option available?

    We specialise in assisting potential clients like you find better car finance options than what you may find at main car dealerships. Our credible finance brokers are not tied to any specific brand or lender. This means they are able to provide you with unbiased advice and explore multiple financing options to ensure you get the most favourable terms possible that suit your financial situation and needs.
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    Car Finance Built on Trust, Transparency and Choice

    Almost 80% of our clients use finance when purchasing their new car. Finance offers flexibility and allows buyers to invest their cash elsewhere rather than having a large sum of money tied up in a car. Be it a first car you are after or modern-day sports car, we utilise our specialist sector knowledge and experience to impart a pleasant experience.

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